Welcome to Shillelagh Snakes..

This site is under construction

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saint patrick, shillelagh, snakes


saint patrick, shillelagh, snakes


hex deck game, snakes, saint patrick, shillelagh


Welcome to Shillelagh-snakes.com

Site under construction

email eddy@hex7art.com

I was thinking about Saint Patrick, his message of 'The Holy Trinity' reflected in the shamrock and that he chased the snakes out of Ireland

as depicted below. I was daydreaming as per usual and came up with the game format described below, Shillelagh-snakes.com.

It could be good fun in a pub environment, amusement arcade, dole office, police station, army base etc.

saint patrick snakes

shillelagh snakes game format

shillelagh snakes game format

shillelagh snakes game format

Below is the first draft of the new game / format :

shillelagh snakes game format

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